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The Modern Block is a weekly online publication curated by conversations with today’s most influential founders, creatives, and makers. I believe there’s a tremendous amount to learn from spending time around people that you simply won’t learn in traditional business literature and articles.

Prior to the launch of this site, I had already been interviewing some incredible influencers for The Modern Block. Through all the amazing pieces of advice I’ve received, one remains to resonate with me best. Below is a short excerpt from the interview I received it in – a chat with Matt Alexander.

Jason: An actionable challenge you would propose to young entrepreneurs who don’t know where to begin?

Matt: Honestly, as I mentioned earlier, I believe the crux of success is in contextual awareness. If you can be aware of the hard work being done by your peers — both toward success and failure — it’ll color and solidify your personal direction in a meaningful way.

I’d challenge aspiring entrepreneurs to spend time with founders and whatnot. (Not people who’ve necessarily just seen enormous success, either. Spend time with them all.)

Go in without asking for anything. Just have a goal of absorbing and learning from people. They’ll appreciate it.

Beyond that, skip all the business literature. Read good non-business-centric books and novels. You’ll learn a lot more than you will in a 50 page PDF about email marketing.

This continues to hold true throughout my constant process of learning, my time spent around other makers, and every interview I conduct. Diving into every relationship we build here at The Modern Block with intentions of acknowledging the hard work done (and the challenges faced) by our peers, I’ve found these conversations leaving a great impact on my own journey. I share these conversations in hopes of them leaving that same impact on our readers – those on the shared path of creating something remarkable.

Jason Vo / Founder & Editor

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