Editor’s Note

The Modern Block is a publication exploring life’s great questions around work, happiness and the like through written interviews and a film series.

Having spent previous years interviewing people at the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, I’ve found detouring conversations — conversations around anxiety, fulfillment and self-love — to spark my interest for creators in a much more meaningful way.

Work will always have its prominence in our lives, processes and strategies will continue to find their ways in and out of our daily interactions, and creativity will unfailingly find itself a necessity in our pursuits. The way we process ourselves, our thoughts and our emotions within these sectors of our lives however, provides a much clearer context and understanding of why we do what we do, and why our work matters enough to sustain the pressures that come along with creating something remarkable.

Exploring these curiosities and the respective views within the creative world, I hope to approach the narrative of our work lives in a much more intimate way and get one step closer to uncovering the meaning behind all our efforts.

Jason Vo / Founder & Editor

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